DeLine Gym, owned by Greg DeLine, an entrepreneur and successful businessman, provides a place for Porter Basketball Academy to work with the youth of our community. “I recognized a serious shortage of gym space in our community,” DeLine explained.   

“I have a real passion for helping young people figure it out, but Mike (Scott) and I have been talking about doing something like this since he was in college ” said Porter, Sr.  Porter Basketball Academy program leaders Michael Porter, Sr. and Michael Scott discussed how they share the same vision for our youth. “I’m personally, extremely blessed, to even be able to partner with Coach Porter on this, on his vision, and be able to add my vision to it,” says Scott.

“I have always believed in the importance of competition for child development ” said DeLine. DeLine’s intention for the gym is to provide a safe environment for kids to develop skills and learn the value of discipline and competition.

“Even if a kid doesn’t want to play basketball, I think there is so much good a kid can gain from pushing themselves physically and getting outside their comfort zone ” remarks Michael Porter, Sr. regarding the importance of safe spaces like the gym to young people.

As a community resource, Porter Basketball Academy brings immense value to the area and will have a lasting impact on its participants. “We’re a place for everybody, it is a safe place for kids, and a safe place to grow,” said Scott.  Through training and camaraderie, the gym helps foster young people’s strength and confidence. “We want to give them the confidence to be good people” said Porter, Sr.

With the combined vision and drive of Greg DeLine, Michael Porter Sr., and Michael Scott, Porter Basketball Academy is a great opportunity for growth and experience for Mid-Missouri’s youth.  “Basketball is just the facility. What we’re really talking about is hope, and what the team is doing is making hope fun,” said DeLine.



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