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Greg DeLine is an entrepreneur and businessman — having started and owned more than a dozen successful companies, both small and large. Greg has a passion for relationships and helping others reach their full potential.

About Greg DeLine.

Greg’s success didn’t come from years in a classroom, but from years of hard work and sweat equity.

After dropping out of college, DeLine spent six years working up the ranks at Boone County National Bank. He left when he was 27 years old ready to start something on his own. He started by selling manufactured homes, and has since diversified into a number of other industries.

DeLine’s various companies employ hundreds of people and his philanthropic efforts benefit organizations throughout the Midwest.



Alpha Real Estate

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Clean Cut Barbershop

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Amega Mobile Homes

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818 Broadway

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Belly Market & Rotisserie

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District Storage

Columbia Discount Homes

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Service Pro

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Chateau Homes

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Show-Me Pro Builders

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CoMO Rocks

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Total Lending Concepts

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A&G Commercial Trucking

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Mark Twain Mobile Homes

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Port 131 Event Center

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CoMO Smoke and Fire

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The Bigger Picture

Philanthropic Work

Memorable Quotes


"Little things tell you big things."

"I watch my pennies. If you don’t watch your pennies, no one else will."

"I want 'resourceful' in my epitaph.  Leave no rock unturned!"
"Pray to be 'right size.'"
"Tiptoe through the tulips."

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