The vision of Greg and Kelly DeLine for 4508 N O’Neal Rd. continues to come to life in ways they never could have imagined.

In the summer of 2021, the DeLines partnered with the University of Missouri to turn this largely unused property into a research site. The assumption was it would take a period of years to bring these ideas to fruition, but the benefits to CAFNR students, the University of Missouri research community, and researchers globally is already being felt.

The DeLine Community Research Site is owned by DeLine Holdings and loaned to the University for a period of 15 years. It is a collaboration to develop outdoor research and educational opportunities that facilitate a better understanding of natural systems and processes. The vision of Greg and Kelly DeLine have created an opportunity to place the future scientists and land managers in an outdoor classroom rich in environmental experience. With resources that include a cave, woodlands, open fields, and Rocky Fork Creek, the 41 students in the 2022 Capstone Class honed their skills in scientific research and communication. Today’s opportunities created through the University of Missouri partnership with the DeLine Site are setting the stage for a healthier world tomorrow.

Every year, the CAFNR School of Natural Resources come together to create a semester project that evaluates a specific property. This year’s project focused on the DeLine Site. The results were presented as both site assessments and management recommendations and delivered by both written and oral presentation.

Below is a list of topics researched within the DeLine Community Research Site:

— Cave Access
— Cave Invertebrates
— Cave Terrestrial Species
— Grassland Birds
— Invasive Plants
— Mammal Habitat Suitability
— Native Fruit Trees
— Prairie and Grassland
— Stream Species and Habitat
— Tree Density
— Woodland Birds
— People and Human Dimensions
— An Annotated Review of Forest Bathing–a.k.a. Shinrin-Yoku

The DeLine Community Research Site will continue to grow in its influence and value in research within the University of Missouri, while also expanding to new opportunities for the Columbia Public Schools and other K-12 entities.


Greg DeLine is an entrepreneur and businessman — having started and owned more than a dozen successful companies, both small and large. Greg has a passion for building relationships and helping others reach their full potential. Learn more about Greg and his initiatives at



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