You wouldn’t expect someone with a fairly substantial fear of heights to strap on a harness and repel off an eight story hotel.

But that’s exactly what Greg DeLine and dozens of other community influencers did this past weekend in support of Love Columbia, a non-profit based in Columbia, MO that has served Mid-Missouri for more than a decade.

One in five Columbians live in poverty, and many struggle to make ends meet, find livable wage jobs, or safe, affordable housing. Many lack the positive, supportive relationships that are needed to flourish. Love Columbia coordinates community resources and relationships to love people forward.

DeLine has served on the Board of Directors for Love Columbia for a number of years, serving as the President for four of those years. DeLine sits on the board with other notable Columbians, including The Crossing Senior Pastor Dave Cover, local entrepreneur Brent Beshore, Carson Coffman (President and COO of Socket Telecom), and MU Health CEO Jonathan Curtright.

Love Columbia has evolved and grown by leaps and bounds during its years of existence in service to Mid-Missouri. What started simply as an organization effectively serving as a “middle man” between community resources and those in need now offers wrap around services, housing resources, coaching and supportive services and running a growing resale store called “The Love Seat.”

DeLine has cherished his time serving on the board of Love Columbia.

“Love Columbia has put words into action and is intently focused on filling the gaps in resources throughout our community and the surrounding areas. It hasn’t always been easy, but the growth and success we are seeing now is such an incredible thing to be a part of. If anything is going to get me to conquer my fear of heights, it’s going to be going over the edge for this great organization.”

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